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And just about anything else that requires words on a page!

We hand-select the writing professional whose experience perfectly matches your industry,
offer and brand. The result is knowledgeable, authoritative content that fits.

Sorry, We Don’t Speak Fluff.

If you’re here, you already know the dangers of garbled filler content.
You know it when you see it.

Those awkward chunks of writing written by someone with less-than-perfect English are poisoning

the brands of companies all over the world and sandbagging your credibility.

But you don’t have the budget to hire a world-class author for $80 per hour—especially if you have a healthy need for bulk content. How can you get the best of both worlds?

At ClickWriters, we got you.

The ClickWriters Difference

With each and every piece of content, you can expect


You’ll get messaging that’s cohesive and meaningful. Our content has a core. It’s solid, deliberate and sharp. Your readers don’t have time for anything else.


You don’t just have a company, you have a brand. Your unique audience wants to engage with content that has a certain flair. Are you selling to tech executives or tender grandmas? Marathon runners or PC gamers? We’ll take your brand into account and nail your tone so the content comes across as written by someone who “gets it.” ​


We’re researchers just as much as we’re writers. We don’t claim to be an expert in your unique niche, we do have the keen ability to explore, brainstorm and learn. We’ll study your source material, deep dive into your industry, and come back with content that’s verifiable and honest.


We have a 99.9% on-time delivery rate. Even if it’s Christmas morning or the apocalypse itself, you can count on your content hitting your inbox before deadline.

Unlimited revisions

About 95% of the time, we hit the mark on the first submittal. But if something’s not quite perfect, we’re going to correct it until you’re blown away—even if we have to restart from scratch. If you’re not impressed, we’re not done.


Every order is 100% from scratch, non-computer generated, straight from our writers’ brains to you. It’s a little depressing we even have to say this, isn’t it? Yes, our writers actually write.

A dedicated project manager

We’re starting a professional partnership with you and we treat it as such. Log into your dashboard and speak to your dedicated ClickWriters assistant whenever the need arises, or watch the progress of your assignment live from your ClickWriters dashbord. We’re here to guide you and answer any questions that pop up.

Written For People, Not For Robots.

In an ever-expanding race to please the search engines gods, business owners have forgotten
that it’s not a Google bot that will open their wallet and buy… it’s a human

Search engine crawlers won’t share your content on social media.
And the algorithm will never pick up the phone and beg to be your client.

The changes in the way search engines weight content over the past few years
hammer this point home:

If You Want to Attract Eyeballs, Curiosity and Dollars, You Need Content That Actually Resonates.

That’s the type that keeps people on the page longer, and that’s what Google will reward you for having.
Because now there’s more content being put out every single day than was created during the entire 19th century.

To cut through the clutter, you need a sharp dagger of content that has people reading, nodding, sharing.
That’s what we specialize in, and that’s what we can promise you.

Warning: We Are Not a “Content Mill.”

If you’re searching for penny writers who value quantity over quality, you’re on the wrong page.
We vet our writers thoroughly and carefully. We do not induct writers who aren’t published, high-skill wordsmiths,
and we hold our team to lofty standards so your business gets the five-star content you depend on.

How This Works

We keep it simple:


Fill out our secure form on the next page where you can detail your needs and requirements. We’ve boiled it down to make this the absolute easiest it can be and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Project Start

We hand-select the best writer for the job and set them loose! Most projects take 3-5 days and you can check in on your writer’s progress via our real-time dashboard.

Quality Check

We have a separate proof-reader inspect the finished work for accuracy, grammar, and overall presentation to make sure we have the absolute best piece of content imaginable.


The finished project is turned in to you before deadline. Let us know if updates are needed! We’ll revise it unlimited times until it’s perfect.

Meet Your New Marketing Team.

Here’s just a few of our content prodigies, standing by to whip you up some crowd-pleasing prose:


Background: Undergraduate degree in finance and published in Fast Company and Forbes

Writing Specialties: B2B, technology, finance, education, cyber security, A.I./machine learning

Writing Philosophy: “Pretty words alone won’t take you far; it’s about the ability to de-jargonize content and present it in an ‘A-ha!’ sort of way so people understand that you can solve their problems.”

Christopher Backlund

Background: B.S. in psychology, 3 years in a marketing role for a Fortune 500 company

Writing Specialties: Fitness and weight loss, self-development, psychology

Writing Philosophy: “There is so much competition these days and everyone is saying the same things and camouflaging together. It only takes an ounce of creativity and a dose of bravery to totally stand out… and that’s when you get into the Promised Land and start getting noticed.”

Carrie McPherson

Background: B.A. in English, 3 years ad agency experience, 4 years freelancing experience

Writing Specialties: Product descriptions, B2C content, consumer goods, ecommerce, social media, lifestyle brands

Writing Philosophy: “The most important part is research for sure. We simply give the people what they want! And if I’m not learning, I’m not working.”

Jon Bennett

Background: Written over 1,000 blog posts and gotten over 100,000 shares

Writing Specialties: fashion, home décor, beauty, travel

Writing Philosophy: “People have tiny attention spans, so I love creating content that pops! It’s about finding that perfect zingy word or phrasing. Long content isn’t necessarily good content.”

Nancy Gonzales

Don’t See Your Industry? No Problem!

Below is just a small sample of industries we are capable of creating amazing content for,
and we’re adding new ones almost every day:

And We Can Even Help More
Specialized Businesses:

…and just about anything else under the sun!

How Can We Do So Much Stuff?

It’s not about our writers’ backgrounds. It’s about our ability to research, understand, and assimilate information into digestible, breezy content that pulls people down the page.

Just like how Stephen King could write a scary story about a banana…

Or a top opera singer could sing beautifully about an old shoe…

So too can our writers create powerful content that’s fit to your unique brand and business.

What’s On Today’s Menu?

Website Content

People think owning a website is all about cool designs and fancy pictures. They’re forgetting that the cornerstone of online success is actually being persuasive – and to do that you need content that’s engaging enough to get read but also informative enough to compel action. Whether you want someone to buy now, sign up, contact, or just learn from you, we’ll write with wit, brevity and purpose so your audience will convert.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the meat and potatoes of any content strategy. It’s news, branding, authority-building, and advice-giving all rolled into one. We’ll dig into your customers’ minds and see what topics are hot in your industry, and craft thought-provoking, informative content that people will get lost in. This is how you truly build an empire, one fan at a time.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts need to be three things: relevant, authentic, and provocative. Because social media isn’t just something you do for fun—it needs to be an action-oriented arm of your business. We can help you craft posts that perfectly fit your brand, curated to your exact audience and fit to your posting schedule. You’ll enjoy more Likes, more engagement, and stronger, more loyal fans and customers.

Product Reviews

A solid product review is clear, clean, honest, and straightforward. We know the power phrases that drive up interest and conversions, and we’ll help you get the snowballing started for your digital storefront.

Press Releases

The perfect press release strikes a balance between informing and selling. There’s a subtle salesmanship in every press release that hints at your company’s ability to solve a problem or make a difference—many writers don’t get this. We understand that press releases aren’t just fact sheets. They get the phone ringing.

SEO Articles

Articles written for search engines are increasingly just articles written for people. What search engines value more and more is engagement—that is, are people actually reading thoroughly and responding positively? We pair the latest strategies to please the algorithms with addictive content that people consume, love and share.

Web Copy

How do you make people not just read, but buy? It’s a carefully orchestrated psychological flow to take people from curious to serious, and pretty words alone won’t do it. We’ll create magnetic copy that is dripping with benefits wrapped in an easy, breezy style that pulls people down the page.


Buzzfeed proved it: articles that start out like “Top 10 Ways to…” or “Six Reasons you’re not…” are irresistible to audiences. It’s bite-size, consumable content that people can skim. We’ll create listicles that are pertinent to your audience, interesting, and undeniably addictive.


Telling is an important ingredient in selling. Ebooks offer the perfect way to inform your audience as an ingredient in persuasion. We can promise you well-thought-out ebook content that perfectly gets a point across without belaboring it—and we’re available for design and “big idea” planning for your upcoming ebook as well.

Affiliate Content

We’ll dig into the sourcing, benefits, and history of your products that goes above and beyond the cookie cutter content you already know. We find exciting ways to put even older offers into a new light, and you can expect expertly written product descriptions, ads and website content that drives up interest and sales.

Custom Orders

Have a unique project, like a brochure, mailer, white paper, or profile? Or maybe you need more help with the content, like finding pictures or publishing it directly to your website. If you can dream it, we can probably do it. Contact us and let’s see if we can meet your needs.


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ClickWriters are my new best friends!”

“Took my highly technical articles and turned them into clear concise blog posts.
The free revisions really helped us smooth out the rough spots.”

“Top notch report writing. Thanks ClickWriters for making me look good to my supervisor!”

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